Sunday, 22 June 2014


I found one blog  just recently Click Here  and I was surprised that my niece's name has been mentioned as one of 'UGLY MALAYSIANS" and I was 2 years too late to know the existence of such blog with that kind of topic merely because she was one of the New York Marathon participants that has been cancelled due to Superstorm Sandy otherwise I would give my response immediately to tell them the real situation that has been told by my niece, Azuria Camalia Kamel.

I found the context of summary judgement is simply unfair - disputed issues of fact. It's super easy to criticize when you are not the one facing the difficulties and when you did not overcome the whole situation and I can't imagine the one who blogged about it is an old man who has a few grandchildren and my niece could be considered as his grandchild too. I wonder how he feels when things like that happen to his grandchildren, would he call them 'ugly malaysians'? Would he allow his grandchildren be called as 'moron'? Would he consider to put himself into other people's shoes? Some people love to criticize things that never happen to them.

What irks me the thought that she was sponsored by our government when the fact that she used her own money for the NY trip and marathon fee. Some of the commenters even called my niece and those marathon participants as 'Moron'. Excuse me, as a Chemical Engineer and graduated from one of top ten universities in the world, Imperial College London, I don't think she deserves to be called moron, same goes to the rest of the participants who come from good education background.

Those 7 participants are mostly young professional people who are very committed with their work. Some of them are working for a prestige oil & gas companies and as far as in Iraq. I don't want to give a lengthy explanation how chaotic is in Iraq because I believe everyone knows the condition. Do you think it easy for them to squeeze themselves into the schedule when the initial plan has been cancelled? Unless if you are a grandpa  who probably a pensioner , you can easily fix your own schedule while they have to get approval from their bosses for their leave application so please do not simply make your own judgement by calling them 'Ugly Malaysian' or 'Moron'.

By the way incase some people are curious whether or not these '7 ugly Malaysians" ever making any effort to volunteer as stated by Ms. Deborah Augustin, YES THEY DID!

Incase if you are curious too, whether my niece would be 'serik' for what had happened before? The Answer is "NO!" ....As an avid marathoner,  this year will be her second participation for NY Marathon.

* Serik = Daunt/Discourage

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