Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Now I'm presenting you a story of betrayal of friendship 
Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat
[from my own point of view]

I believe every Malaysian knows the story of Hang Tuah.  For those who have no idea who's Hang Tuah, you can browse here
and Hang Jebat here

 "Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia"
~ by The legendary Malay Warrior, Hang Tuah.
[The famous quote of Hang Tuah]
Despite loving Hang Tuah's quote, I'd always considered Hang Jebat as "My Real Hero" while others might have potrayed him as a traitor to the king , as what we have been taught in History Lesson during high school.  I have my own reason to why I chosed him as my hero, infact my SUPERHERO.

All this while we followed the book, we followed exactly what we learnt from the history, the story that has been passed on from one generation to another generation.  We have been bombarded with bias informations about Hang Jebat.  He has been potrayed in such a way that he was a bad guy :(

To me, he was given an unfair judgement by the historians. Isn't that there's a good and bad in everyone? why should we highlight the bad sides of him and vanish the good ones?

Without any prejudice, I'd like to see him from different perspective, from my own point of view. I’d like to explore the good sides of him and I’m just pointing out the truth that has never been told.

Hang Jebat must have known the true meaning of Friendship for he taught others its meaning, the value of friendship and loyalty of a friend and that the quality of one true friend to the extend that his willingness to sacrifice himself in the hands of his best friend, Hang Tuah indeed really touched my heart.  Similarly to the story of three musketeers, he kept his vow ~ one for all and all for one!

While Hang Tuah on the other hand,  has taught us all, a sense of loyalty to our king but does it make any sense if we obey to one cruel ruler? Should we sacrifice our friendship for the sake of others especially to the person who didn't serve justice on us accordingly? Should we betray the person who stood by our side and would do anything to fight for our own rights?

 A King who has made an order to kill Hang Tuah simply because he has falsely been accused of committing  adultery without investigating whether he was guilty or not guilty.  He was given an unfair trial by the king to begin with. Why would he obey to the one who wanted him to die in the first place?

 If he hasn’t been kept alive secretly by Datuk Bendahara, the history would have been different. Hang Jebat wouldn’t be the one who was killed & betrayed by his own best friend and I wouldn’t have known the true meaning of friendship that I learnt from my hero. Hang Jebat was infact a symbol of truth and justice.

We can’t change the history but we still can change our perception and may peace be upon the two of them..Aamiin.


  1. Hi Fergie, very interesting posting. And yes, I have read about Hang Tuah long ago, but not the love part.
    We all love to love and be loved.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  2. Hello Uncle Lee,

    Thanks for the positive comment. Have a nice day :)