Sunday, 14 July 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Hello peeps

I know that we have been fasting for almost a week now and I hope it's not too late for me  to take this opportunity to wish my muslim friends and relatives a blessed Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is a holy month for the muslims. The ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is a time for spiritual purification achieved thru fasting, self sacrifice and prayers. It is also a time to test our patience, to reflect ourself on our actions in order to make things right for our self improvement. 

Fasting is religious obligation that is to be followed by muslims at every cost.  The main purpose of fasting is to make people like us who are fortunate enough to live a better life to be aware of the hardships of those people who have nothing to eat and are very poor. It is about time to take care of them, help them in time of difficulty to minimize their hardships by doing more 'sedeqah' in this holy month of Ramadhan.  Even in Al-Quran, it is mentioned that in this month the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hellfire are closed. By doing good deeds, In Shaa Allah we will be rewarded 'Pahala' by Allah almighty. 
(In our belief, the more pahala we have, the better chances to get to heaven as long as we do the deed with pure & correct intention).
The main purpose behind this month is to make people aware of the hardships of the people who have nothing to eat and are poor. - See more at:

I wish my fellow muslim friends/relatives to take advantage of this holy month of Ramadhan for "Muhasabah Diri" and that is to work on our own inner peace. 

I know some of us are unable to distinguish between the needs and luxuries hence we engage in wasteful spending. Please try to avoid spending on unnecessary thing for instance, when comes to Iftar we might end up with a pile-up variety of food that we cannot fully consume and then throw them away in the garbage bin. What a waste!!!Why don't we share our food with the poor? 

Why it is so hard for us to give some money to the needy but instead we don't mind wasting our money on a buffet dinner at five-star hotel for iftar that's overly priced and yet we can't finish eating all the food?

This is about time to reflect our actions and make things right!

Once again, Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak :)

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