Tuesday, 25 August 2015


You’re just like a clear water river
that soothe the warm breeze during summer
the sound, the flow that dies down the heat
but still can’t slowdown my heartbeat
whenever  you are near
thus I keep my distance because I’m in fear

At nights you are like the brightest star
guess I will be just fine staring at you from afar
impossible to keep
that I wish to pick
because you’re  too perfect and too bold
sometimes I wonder if  I ever had a chance to hold

You’re just like a deep blue ocean
 while the wave remains strong and firm
ocean quest you're so valuable
here I am too afraid of drowning  in my emotions
to fight the feeling I am so vulnerable
guess I have to deal on my own terms

You are the sweetest dream  I’ve ever dreamt
that  I don’t want to miss a thing
I love every bits and pieces of you
all the wonders of you...
therefore I chose to love you in silence
for in silence I find no rejection


p/s This poem is especially dedicated to someone
you're just like a fine crystal glass, I know that I can't keep but nice to look at :)

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